His Word. His Promise. I heard someone asking today for the name of a counselor for their college aged child. My response was JESUS. He is the one who gives generously, without finding fault and leads and guides. “I pray that: (NAMES) will come to trust in seeking Him knowing that He promises to answer. I pray they will learn to bring everything to Him in prayer. Holy Spirit, train their hearts to seek Your wisdom and counsel. Especially our seniors as they are looking for employment, post grad school, and new cities to move to. Juniors looking for internships. Sophomores worrying about their major and seeking the Lord for wisdom and direction for a career plan and path. And the freshmen who are just learning to live independently and as the school year winds down how to spend their time fruitfully.  And when they need a counselor Lord they would ask you to lead them to a godly and wise counselor who can point them to godly answers. I pray too  when the door closes and the earthly disappointments come they will, that they will wait as He reveals the plan. Seek Him first. In Jesus Name, Amen. 

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January 2024

So much has happened in the last weeks that I’ve wanted to pick up the phone and call many of you with an update. Today I was stirred to share our ministry news and encourage you all to continue to press on and pray for this next generation. God is on the move!