January 2024

January 2024

So much has happened in the last weeks that I’ve wanted to pick up the phone and call many of you with an update. Today I was stirred to share our ministry news and encourage you all to continue to press on and pray for this next generation. God is on the move!

Last February, we saw revival begin at Asbury, and as I traveled to Lee University just after, we saw the sparks of that fire continue. September brought an event to Auburn that ignited the baptism of over 100 students as God stirred hearts and souls. We were blessed to have been on campus for a prayer walk just days before the revival broke out. As a reminder, Auburn was PFTNG’s first campus started in 2019.

As only God can do and in words I can not find to share, the Unite Auburn group became a 501c3 shortly after and changed their name to Unite_US: “Unite exists to see college students gathered to lift the name of Jesus.” In the most inexplicable way that can ONLY be GOD, UNITE will bring their first event after Auburn to Florida State University on February 15th. As a reminder, FSU was PFTNG’s second campus AFTER Auburn in 2020. WE WORSHIP AN AMAZING GOD!

After a couple of months trying to connect with Unite_US, we finally spoke last Friday; the day AFTER our PFTNG team gathered in prayer and came with bold confidence into HIS throne room of grace. They shared that their choice of FSU was not what was initially planned. Again, I stand amazed at God’s ordering, as PFTNG’s second campus is where Unite will hold their second event.

In the meantime, our new website is almost ready, which will incorporate a platform that will enable us to move off of Facebook. We face the challenge of transitioning 1000 praying mamas over to the new platform, but this opens the door so much wider.

Through this letter, we are seeking your continued prayers over the events ahead and for continued growth as we strategically plan to add the next 15 campuses. Below I have outlined a few points that we humbly ask you pray for and over:

  • I will head to Auburn Friday to meet with and pray with the Unite team! I CAN NOT WAIT!
  • I will walk and pray on the FSU campus on February 5th.
  • Please pray over the Unite event at FSU on February 15th, and pray over the local community churches and ministries supporting these students after February 15th.
  • PFTNG will host 2 upcoming Zoom Prayer calls. The first will be with FSU Moms on February 15th. The second will be with all campuses on the National Collegiate Day of Prayer, which is February 29th.
  • Please pray for an easy transition from Facebook to the new platform.
  • Please pray for continued movement as we grow on our existing campuses: Auburn, FSU, GA Tech, UGA, GA Southern, UT Knoxville, Tennessee Technical.

We are praising God for growing the ministry, encouraging the moms to continue to pour out in prayer over the next generation, and for enlarging the territory and doing mighty deeds in the hearts of the next generation!

With heartfelt gratitude,
Barbara Jackson

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